A Mother’s Love: New Mexico woman clings to hood of stolen vehicle with her kids inside

New Mexico, United States — Parents often say that they will do anything for their children and Mothers especially will sacrifice themselves for the safety of their kids—this is definitely true for one New Mexico woman who clung to the roof of her hijacked car while her two kids were still in the back seat.

On July 4, Melody Maldonado stopped into a local convenience store to pick up a baby bottle for her six-month-old son, briefly leaving her kids in the car. After not finding what she was looking for, Maldonado returned to the vehicle but was followed by an unknown woman. This woman proceeded to shove Maldonado before stealing her vehicle and driving away.

This did not stop Maldonado, however, from doing all she could to protect her children. Footage from a traffic camera shows the mother clinging onto the hood of the car in an attempt to stop the theft.

Unfortunately, Maldonado was unsuccessful. Despite screaming for the thief to stop, the carjacker swerved dangerously to throw Maldonado off the vehicle. Maldonado broke her foot in the process as she crashed to the pavement.

“She definitely heard me. I yelled for her to stop and that my kids were in the car,” said Maldonado. “She kept driving. We went a good distance… She was swerving so that I would fall off.”

As she watched the car speed away, Maldonado sprinted to a nearby gas station to call the police.

“I didn’t care what happened to the car. I just wanted my kids back,” she said

Police officers located the car shortly thereafter, having learned that the suspect left Maldonado’s six year old daughter at a nearby intersection to try and divert the police’s attention.

Suspect Regina Castillo then abandoned the vehicle, attempting to flee on foot. Police soon located the woman hiding behind a pickup truck in a suburban neighbourhood.

Castillo is facing charges related to the car theft. Castillo, however, also had three active warrants at the time of her arrest.

Maldonado was treated for injuries and her children were evaluated by a doctor.

Castillo is expected in court on Monday to face the charges.


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