Bent-ley Outta Shape: 1960 Bentley S2 found with $150m in drugs stashed within

New South Wales, Australia – Finding a Bentley S2 in decent shape is a restorer’s dream; the combination of the classic style, size, and use for parts represents a rare combination of aesthetic and physical quality. A Bentley shipped from Canada to Australia, however, provided another use for criminals. The individuals in question attempted to […]

Jewel or Jalopy: Range Rover tops list of least-reliable used cars

Blackburn, United Kingdom – Luxury vehicles and the Range Rover have been identified as the UK’s least reliable vehicles, according to data from the extended warranty provider, WarrantyWise. While the highest repair cost for a Range Rover peaked at an eye-watering $36,000, most repair jobs cost around $2,450. It wasn’t just Land Rover’s Range Rover […]