Jewel or Jalopy: Range Rover tops list of least-reliable used cars

Blackburn, United Kingdom – Luxury vehicles and the Range Rover have been identified as the UK’s least reliable vehicles, according to data from the extended warranty provider, WarrantyWise. While the highest repair cost for a Range Rover peaked at an eye-watering $36,000, most repair jobs cost around $2,450.

It wasn’t just Land Rover’s Range Rover and sports variant that were marked for their unreliability – BMW’s M3, X6 and M5, Porsche’s Cayenne and Panamera were some of the other vehicles that made the list, tarnishing the idea that premium-priced cars held their price thanks to exceptional manufacturing and quality control.

Average repair costs per vehicle model, data collated between 2021 and 2022. (WarrantyWise Reliability Index)

“The Reliability Index is extremely revealing of how luxury cars, which may seem like they would be reliable because of the costly price tags, aren’t always so,” said Lawrence Wittaker, CEO of WarrantyWise.

“The opinion that they should be very reliable, for the price that customers pay for them, is quite a popular one, and this evaluation of our data is helpful for us to guide customers the right way when wanting to make a large purchase on a luxury car, like a Porsche.”

WarrantyWise’s annual Reliability Index was published on Aug. 30, grading cars on the frequency and cost of repairs. The 2021-2022 data only includes cars outside OEM warranty which are less than 10 years old, with 100 or more vehicles in the database.


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