All Hail SGI : Saskatoon Hailstorm causes weekend damage, hundreds of claims filed

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Things can change at a moment’s notice. Evening plans can turn into overnight escapades. A drive on a whim can turn into a journey for a day. And a beautiful summer day can descend into danger and destruction. That’s exactly what happened last Saturday as a summer storm damaged many vehicles in […]

Fraud Stoppers: Terri O’Brien appointed as CEO of anti insurance fraud organization

Toronto, Ontario — Terri O’Brien has been appointed as the CEO for Équité Association, the Canadian insurance industry’s first corporation dedicated to eliminating insurance crime.  O’Brien brings over 25 years of experience of financial services to her new role. Prior to Équité, O’Brien was Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Pace Credit Union, CRO at Interac […]

The ‘New Normal’: CIECA webinar guest says industry should not ‘fight’ AI

Toronto, Ontario — On Thursday, CIECA held a webinar on the future of AI in the collision repair industry.  Driaan du Toit, vice president of strategy and development at Solera hosted the webinar, alongside Evan Davies, Solera’s chief technology officer (CTO).  The two covered a variety of topics ranging from the impact of COVID-19, to […]

To Each Their Own: MPI makes compensation agreements directly with Manitoba body shops, automotive associations displeased

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Last Fall, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and two automotive associations entered into negotiations to discuss compensation increases. However, after many months of negotiations, MPI determined that negotiations with the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (MMDA) and the Automotive Trades Association (ATA) could no longer proceed. And it exercised its right to terminate the industry […]