Scorching Summers: How to prevent thermal damage to your car

Toronto, Ontario — Summer is here, and the warmest has yet to come. With the 2021 heatwave fresh on our minds and the hottest months yet to come, here are the most common effects of automobile heat damage, courtesy of the American Automobile Association and Insuramatch. Exterior Surfaces Intense sunlight can fade and crack your […]

Slip on your ADAS: AAA study shows most safety systems fail in moderate rainfall

Toronto, Ontario — A new study from AAA shows that most cars can’t see much better in the rain than you can as vehicle safety systems are reported to falter in inclement weather. During closed course testing, AAA simulated rainfall and found that test vehicles equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) traveling at 35 mph […]

Taking in Tech: Confidence in ADAS climbs for American drivers 

Heathrow, Florida ⁠— American drivers welcome advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features like advanced braking and lane assistance, though their confidence in autonomous driving still wavers. A survey conducted by AAA in the United States showed that more than half (58 percent) of drivers want to see ADAS in their next vehicle, and 80 percent […]

AAA reports that Americans’ trust in autonomous vehicles has slipped

The percentage of millennial drivers too afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle has jumped from 49 percent to 64 percent since late 2017.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — May 24, 2018 — Following high-profile incidents involving autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies, a new report from AAA’s multi-year tracking study indicates that consumer trust in these vehicles has eroded. Today, three-quarters (73 percent) of American drivers report they would be too afraid to ride in a fully self-driving […]