Scorching Summers: How to prevent thermal damage to your car

Toronto, Ontario — Summer is here, and the warmest has yet to come. With the 2021 heatwave fresh on our minds and the hottest months yet to come, here are the most common effects of automobile heat damage, courtesy of the American Automobile Association and Insuramatch.

Exterior Surfaces
Intense sunlight can fade and crack your exterior paint, and could be further deteriorated by pollen, dust scraping against the car’s surfaces. Wash your car and dry it off, remember to wax it if possible.

Hot air temporarily expands tires, and deflated tires can blow out on hot pavements. Check your tire treading and pressure levels, especially if you have not driven for awhile.

Heat evaporates fluids, so make sure to inspect coolant levels and components for cracks and wear. Engines can overheat in the sun, potentially starting fires in a worst case scenario.

Much like extreme cold, extreme heat can turn your battery into an unconducive hunk of lithium. Clean the terminals, clamps and ensure the battery is securely mounted.


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