Swedish Success: ABB announces world’s first art car painted entirely by a robot

Västerås, Sweden – Move over artists, the robots may be coming for your jobs, too.

According to ABB Robotics, one of the company’s robots has successfully painted a car with artistic designs in less than 30 minutes. A mechanized arm with an advanced print jet mechanism, ABB’s IRB 5500 industrial robot successfully painted a replica of a child painter’s monochromatic work.

According to ABB, this was achieved in a single pass with no overspray.

While Collision Repair magazine was unable to verify whether this was the world’s first art car painted by a robot–see BMW’s similar technology unveiled last fall–though most automated painting systems currently present in the industry appear to focus on the large-scale base coating on assembly lines.

“We are in the midst of a significant decade in the history of the automotive industry and the start of a new era,” said Sami Atiya, president of ABB Robotics. “We are working to support the industry in this transition and I’m confident that with flexible automation, sustainable transportation will fast become reality.”


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