Dishonourable Discharge: Bear breaks into vehicle, does his business, then wrecks the place

Vancouver Island, British Columbia — Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. This is as true for humans as it is for bears–and is especially true for one bear who has been creating chaos across Vancouver Island.

Over the past 6 weeks Vancouver Island Police and local Conservation Officers have been accosted by a plethora of vehicle break-ins from one gnarly bear.

The animal, presumably looking for food, has left more than 10 vehicles badly damaged, and shocked at least one vehicle owner.

Stephanie Hannay, from Tofino, British Columbia, was awoken to the sound of her vehicle’s horn last Saturday night. She returned after noting nothing suspicious. However, the alarm returned later that night. After investigating the source of the noise, Hannay spotted a bear in her backseats.

“I opened the driver-side door and this head pops out in the back seat and it’s just a bear. I couldn’t believe it,” said Hannay.

“I wasn’t actually sure if that was what I had seen but I freaked out and closed the door immediately and I began screaming. Pacing back and forth. I wasn’t sure what to do.”

Luckily, Hannay settled on calling the Conservation Officer report line. The police arrived shortly thereafter,

Unfortunately, however, the bear had ample time to destroy Hannay’s car, tearing up the interior, and defecating inside.

“It’s just gross in there,” said Hannay.“It’s bad. It’s pretty bad. You can tell he tried to get out. He basically ripped the panelling off every single door, including the hatch. Things are just strewn around… it’s a disaster.”

Conservation Officer Stuart Bates speculated on why this bear has been wreaking so much havoc across the island.

“We have a bear that about six weeks ago got into a car and got some food and has since then learned to test every car it comes across,” said Bates.  “They’re really hard on cars — break open door handles, windows.”

Police have prepared a trap to capture the bear, but cannot speculate as to a timeline for the bear’s capture. Until the criminal bear is caught, police are suggesting locking car doors, remove food from vehicles, and to simply be aware of one’s surroundings.


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