Sub-Zero Stoppages: CAA urges drivers to prepare for cold weather woes

Winnipeg, Manitoba — CAA Manitoba is predicting a higher-than-normal volume of car battery failures this week, as the province’s temperatures dip to below -15°C.

The organization is encouraging drivers with batteries older than three years to get them checked to avoid unexpected battery failure⁠—even a fully-charged battery can lose power when the temperature dips below zero.

It also released a list of warning signs to remind drivers when they need a battery replacement. If your vehicle cranks slowly while attempting to start; you hear a grinding, clicking or buzzing noise when you turn on the ignition; your vehicle has stalled or your headlights dim when you are idling, yet brighten when you rev the engine, it may be time to replace your battery.

“Our top priority is always focused on keeping our members safe,” said Heather Mack, manager of government and community relations for CAA Manitoba. “That means proactively encouraging Manitobans to prepare their vehicles. The first cold snap of the season always comes by surprise, so we are encouraging drivers to top up car fluids over the weekend, plug cars in on Sunday night and make sure that emergency kits are stocked with warm clothing.”

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