Stack Attack: 3M unveils RepairStack shop management solution during SEMA Show 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada — Last week during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, 3M demonstrated its innovative new RepairStack platform, which aims to keep both a shop’s digital and physical assets aligned and in sync for profitable management results.

“Customers using the 3M RepairStack Billables Invoicing software for at least 60 days recovered on average $716 per month in repair materials. The top 25 percent of body shops using the 3M RepairStack Performance Solutions recovered an average of $986 per month in repair materials,” claims 3M about their brand new management software.

The global manufacturing giant says the RepairStack platform is intended to remove some of the day-to-day strain from repair centre managers, by offering not only a robust inventory management system, along with integrated invoicing, but also by generating real-time performance indicators that allow them to make proactive changes to processes.

RepairStack allows managers to efficiently manage inventory by providing precise materials usage reports and automatic re-orders for the essentials that keep bodyshops running.

For shops that have never used electronic ordering before, 3M says that is no problem for the RepairStack.

“The key is communication and a shared goal with your body shop technicians,” 3M says on its website.

“The interface is simple to use, and security measures can be programmed to meet the needs of your shop. Removing material from the cabinet takes seconds and keeps the technicians working on jobs, not managing inventory. Additionally, on-demand training options are available to assist staff with questions from integration to software applications.”

The benefits extend even beyond 3M’s many product lines, as the RepairStack also allows managers to create invoices and “ghost inventories” for all materials that come into the shop, not just those in the 3M catalog.

Additionally, the company says the RepairStack platform is capable of linking to other bodyshop management systems, like CCC ONE, with plans with other industry-leading systems in the near future.

3M says that the decision to develop the RepairStack comes from a “long tradition of creating value added tools for the collision repair industry. 3M RepairStack is a response to customer requests to provide better invoicing and analytical tools to help body shops be more profitable and identify actionable insights to improve business performance.”

The company said that with the purchase of a RepairStack comes a contract for 3M Allied products, a lockable stationary cabinet (72” tall x 24” deep x 48” wide) with louvered panels and doors, multi-sized stacking bins (which can hold up to 100 different SKUs), Apple iPod Touch scanner inside a Honeywell Captuvo Case with a charger, and the 3M software products—3M Performance Analysis Tool and 3M Billables Invoicing.

RepairStack is currently only available in the U.S., but the company says availability in other markets will come this year.

Visit 3m.com for more information.


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