Spraying Painting in Style: LUMA III launches new spray paint suit

Toronto, Ontario — Luma III Inc., a Kansas-based refinishing tool manufacturer has announced the launch of its new spray paint suit. The Luma III Spray Paint Suit is designed to be used in spray booths, it features; ventilated underarm areas to keep the painter cool, velcro ankle straps to make it easy to take on and off, and lightweight anti-static fabric. The suit also comes in both male and female sizes. 

“Our premium anti-static spray suit is a great addition to any painter’s arsenal, and provides an optimal level of protection. Safety of the painter, minimizing static buildup, and a lower dust transfer rate are key variables to a great paint finish and a healthy shop environment,” said Kirk Lucas, founder of Luma III Inc. 

For more information on the Luma III Spray Suit, click here

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