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Applying structure to your business can seem like an impossible task, given the number of “surprises” that business owners tend to encounter on a typical workday. But you may be glad to hear employing structure is entirely in your hands. The process of doing so, in fact, is simple.


Regardless of whether you’re an independent shop owner or a franchisee, the small amount of work necessary to achieve a structured workplace will result in life-changing benefits.

When a system is in place that allows the workflow to depend not on a particular person, but the system itself, you will find that you suddenly have time to do things for yourself. Spending a weekend at the cottage, heading to Europe for a trip, or even just enjoying a Saturday with your family—these are crucial aspects of life that can get left behind when work is too demanding. Take some pressure off of yourself and build a workplace that depends not on a “super person,” but on a “super system!” In a nutshell, you need to find a way to work simpler, not harder.

Another key advantage to structure: When you’ve got a system in place, you can start to focus on your long-term goals and how you will achieve them, rather than racing to meet your short-term goals, like keeping your week’s cycle time short and sweet. With a business managed on a consistent basis you can target issues and goals, and advance your business more effectively.


IMG 0872 ForWeb 300x200A big part of introducing structure to your business is in maintaining tight communication with every member of your team. When everyone is on the same page with their responsibilities and expectations, misunderstandings are less likely to occur. Develop a clear standard operating procedure for your staff, and communicate it to them.

Keep accurate data and records on hand in a centralized location. Use key performance indicators, and show your staff these numbers and their roles in the numbers.

Trying to do this alone and neglecting to incorporate your staff throughout the process is a big mistake. Ensure your people know what benefits are and how everyone can win!

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