Sherwin-Williams launches redesigned ATX 3.5 VOC Basecoat System

ATX basecoats. Sherwin-Williams has recently launched a redesigned ATX line.

Mississauga, Ontario — November 4, 2016 — Sherwin-Williams has announced the launch of a “completely redesigned” ATX 3.5 VOC Basecoat System.

According to a statement from Sherwin-Williams, the new ATX system meets all compliance standards regarding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and offers an alternative to waterborne basecoats, without the requirements of shop upgrades or additional equipment purchases.

The new ATX 3.5 VOC Basecoat System is fully compatible with Sherwin-William’s Prospector Color Reference System and iFEX Spectro. An official statement says it “… is the ideal solution for small to mid-sized vehicle refinish shops that require a consistent, blendable, colour match.”

For more information, please visit sherwin-automotive.com.


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