Serving Up Solid State: Toyota announces in a recent press release its future timeline for EV battery production

Toronto, Ontario – Toyota continues to be abuzz with EV updates. This past Thursday, Toyota provided a press release for its plans for upcoming battery development, including a specified roadmap for the future production of solid-state batteries. 

According to Toyota’s updated battery release, the automaker has five next-generation battery designs, including both liquid and solid state electrolytes. 

The automaker has been continuing its research into battery production with Panasonic and expects the batteries to be “ready for commercial use” by 2027 or 2028. 

Toyota originally planned to put solid-state batteries in its hybrid vehicles, but after an executive statement made last year, the automaker says it’s now focusing on EV applications.

A first-generation solid-state design will allow for a DC fast-charge time of just 10 minutes for a 10 percent to 80 percent charge and deliver up to 999 km range on the European WLTP testing cycle, according to Toyota. The automaker also confirmed that a second-generation design is in the works, to be introduced sometime after the 2027-2028 launch of the initial solid-state batteries. Toyota expects this version to bump WLTP range up to 1200 km.

Prior to the launch of the solid-state batteries, Toyota will launch two liquid-electrolyte batteries. A “performance” lithium-ion battery will appear in 2026 boasting what Toyota says will be a 20% reduction in cost compared to the battery cells used in the current bZ4X. The DC fast-charge time will be 20 minutes or less for a 10 percent to 80 percent charge.

In the past, Toyota has said that affordability, not range, would be its priority for upcoming EVs. However, this turn in battery production marks a turnaround in mindset. 

The automaker plans for 1.7 million of their future 3.5 million EVs (to be sold by 2030), to be made with their new battery models. 


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