Going Gaga for Giga: Toyota announces its own version of a giga-press

Toronto, Ontario – Toyota has recently announced that it will be following in Tesla’s footsteps with the development of their own giga-press for future EV manufacturing. 

In a demonstration that took place in Myochi, Japan, Toyota showed off the use of its press which can reduce manufacturing time from hours to just minutes. 

During the demonstration, the press successfully produced a third of the rear of an EV in a single mold from molten aluminum. 

This mold represents what would have otherwise been 83 different auto parts using Toyota’s current methods. 

The press was able to produce the parts in just three minutes, a sharp increase when compared to the several hours it normally takes to make, bolt, and rivet the auto pieces. 

Toyota stated that it wants to produce 3.5 million EVs by the end of the decade. 

Like Toyota, other automakers are looking to adopt giga-press methods. For instance, Hyundai already makes use of hypercasting, and Volkswagen and Volvo have also announced future plans to build based off of giga-press models. 



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