While the real costs are of course still being tallied up, SGI places the amount of vehicle damage claims they received in the days following Tuesday night’s hailstorm at more than 3,700. Reports of golf ball-sized hail extend as far as Assiniboia, 130 kilometres southwest of the storm’s eye in Regina. “It’s been busy every day since, with phone calls and inquiries about the hail damage,” said Chuck Rust, owner of Chuck’s Collision. Rust said this storm took people by surprise, as Regina is not used to the same frequency of hailstorms as Calgary, for example. “The last big hailstorm we had was 25 years ago, and now we’ve had two significant storms in two years,” he said. “We’re not used to it, that’s for sure.”

According to SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy, people with damaged vehicles can take them to SGI-accredited body shops, not just claim centres, for assessments.

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