Safety Scheme: Onlia partners with Young Drivers of Canada at the International AutoShow

Toronto, Ontario — Onlia Insurance has partnered with Young Drivers of Canada, a provider of driver education, to encourage road safety through a trivia game called ‘Play it Safe.’

Onlia’s mission is to make Canada safer by motivating and rewarding Canadians for developing safer driving behaviours. The company worked with the Young Drivers of Canada to create Play it Safe, a trivia game that tests Canadians’ road safety skills and knowledge. 

AutoShow attendees can play the game to win instant cash prizes and gift cards for use toward Young Drivers training programs. They will also have the chance to be entered in a grand prize draw for the chance to win a year of Onlia home and auto insurance. 

Further, players are encouraged to download the Onlia Sense safe-driving app to put their driving skills to the test. Through the app, which is free and available to all Canadians via the Apple App Store or Google Play store, players can even learn on-demand insights about their own driving behaviours.

The AutoShow runs from Feb. 14⁠—23. Onlia’s booth is located at P-135, level 800.

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