Plates Aplenty: Ontario’s newly redesigned licence plates

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario government has revealed its redesigned vehicle licence plates featuring changes that are yours to discover.

“Ontario’s Government for the people is introducing updated personal and commercial licence plates along with a new driver’s licence design that reflects a renewed government promise to put people first in everything it does,” said the provincial government early last year.

The most notable change comes in the form of the plates’ new colour scheme—a dark navy blue and light blue background replaces the bright white of current plates. It will mark the first time the province has issued a white-on-blue colour scheme in almost 50 years.

Along with a redesign to Ontario’s trillium logo is a change in slogan. Ontario plates have read “Yours To Discover” since 1982. The new slogan reads “A Place To Grow,” which is a reference to Ontario’s “A place to Stand, a Place to Grow” anthem written back in 1967. As for Premier Doug Ford’s tagline “Open for Business”—it will be reserved for commercial plates only.

The new licence plates are also said to last longer than their former versions, being “materially enhanced” according to the government. Due to “high-definition” sheeting, we could be saying goodbye to the bubbling and peeling paint of yesteryear’s plates. Peter Bethlenfalvy, the president of the Treasury Board, said the new material cost and resizing of the plates will save taxpayer dollars.

“By making this new brand and visual identity a government-wide standard, we are also saving taxpayers’ money by putting a stop to a wasteful practice that we saw taking place across government,” said Bethlenfalvy.

Car enthusiasts almost got their wishes granted when the provincial government also considered removing front licence plates—which would allow for a most aesthetically pleasing look—but ultimately decided for their inclusion to keep communities safer. 

Ontario motorists are not required to update their licence plates to this new design but can choose to buy these updated plates for $59 at a Service Ontario location.

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