S-1 Push Button Quick Coupler from TOPRING

Toronto, Canada — July 4, 2018 — TOPRING, a Canadian compressed air products manufacturer, has announced the arrival of the  S-1 Push Button Quick Coupler.

Designed with safety in mind, the coupler evacuates downstream pressure to make plug releasing safe, and done at the push of a button. Said to help to reduce the risk of whipping hoses and accidental disconections, the polymer body is impact resistant for improved durability and non-marring, preventing potential damages to delicate surfaces, making this a coupler to consider for any collision repair shop.

A stylish device, TOPRING’s high-tech design is said to have undergone rigorous performance tests to confirm that it meets the industry’s highest standards. 

The silicone-free construction prevents compressed air contamination during the application of paint or varnish. Anti-static construction avoids external dust from being attracted to paint surfaces. The swivel body allows for quick assembly and optimal positioning. 

To find out more, visit http://catalogue.topring.com


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