Rocco Neglia of Economical speaks on sustainability at AkzoNobel’s 2014 North American Performance Group

Rocco Neglia of Economical at AkzoNobel’s 2014 North American Performance Group Meeting. He spoke on sustainability in the collision repair industry.   
Washington, DC — September 22, 2014 — Rocco Neglia, Vice President of Claims for Economical Insurance, was a guest presenter on sustainability at AkzoNobel’s 2014 North American Performance Group Meeting at the Ritz Carlton in Washington, DC. 
AkzoNobel invited Economical to speak at a special press event in recognition of a shared vision of sustainability and sustainable business practices with the collision repair industry.
“Economical represents a visionary voice and is an early adopter within the North American collision repair market on sustainability,” says Doug Holmberg, AkzoNobel’s North American director of vehicle refinishes. “Economical partnered with us to help identify collision repair facilities that share our commitment to continuous improvement in their business practices.” 
Economical has audited more than 300 of its designated repair facilities using AkzoNobel’s sustainability assessment tool.
“Partnering with AkzoNobel has enriched the criteria we use to identify, evaluate and select preferred vendors that are taking steps to making investments in becoming more efficient, more profitable and having a real solid plan towards sustainability,” says Neglia. “From a profit standpoint, when a collision repair shop is able to identify and strip out waste in their workflow and practices, which improves efficiency and profitability, they ultimately become more competitive. From an insurance perspective, when a shop is more efficient and is able to reduce their repair cycle times, claim costs are reduced.
“Our partnership has also helped us improve our efficiencies internally as we apply AkzoNobel’s concepts of process-centered environments to our claims handling process. We have harmonized our workflows with the activities of the collision repair shops, which has reduced our involvement in the repair process, allowing us to deploy our resources more efficiently and effectively.”

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