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A Quebec class action lawsuit is targeting Kia over an alleged design flaw that causes the panoramic sunroofs of several Kia models to shatter. The Canadian class action lawsuit alleges that Kia breached its obligation of quality warranty by selling defective vehicle models.The affected Kia vehicles included in the Canadian class action lawsuit are 2011-2019 model year Kia Sorento vehicles; 2011-2019 Kia Sportages; 2011-2019 Kia Optima models; 2014-2019 Kia Cadenza vehicles and 2014-2019 Kia Souls.

The Kia sunroof class action lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages at an amount to be determined at a later date, as well as punitive and/or exemplary damages temporarily assessed at $1 million.Plaintiff Marina Roy is leading the Kia sunroof class action lawsuit after encountering several problems with her 2016 Kia Sportage’s panoramic sunroof.The Kia class action lawsuit alleges that the automaker did not respect its obligation of quality warranty.

Additionally, the Canada class action lawsuit argues that Kia did not respect its conventional warranty on the vehicles at issue, because the panoramic sunroofs on those vehicles have major defects that render them unfit for the use for which they were intended.The sunroof breakages in the Kia lawsuit are blamed on a design and manufacturing defect as well as a faulty installation.Aside from the warranty and defect charges, the Kia sunroof class action lawsuit alleges that the automaker made false and misleading representations to consumers about the quality and safety of its vehicles. The Kia sunroof class action lawsuit also alleges that Kia was aware of the risks of breakage, especially for panoramic sunroofs, however, failed to warn customers.


Fix Network has announced that it is expanding the ProColor Collision brand across Canada. The first ProColor location outside of Quebec, is now open in Hamilton, Ontario. ProColor Collision was acquired by Fix Network in September 2019 to expand the brand outside of Quebec Canada. This is the brand’s first venture outside of Quebec. The brand already has 175 locations in Quebec and is planning on launching 14 other locations in Ontario, the Atlantic and Western Canada.

“By expanding the brand across Canada, we’re offering customers greater choice for their automotive repair needs,” says Steve Leal, President & CEO of Fix Network. “We’re also providing body shop owner operators a chance to grow their business using Fix Network’s proven operational processes and management tools, and access to our talented team of professionals who know the industry inside and out.” Fix Network’s business involves collision, glass repair and mechanical services. Its franchise’s strategic partners have exclusive territorial access, full operational support, training and technologies as well as established relationships with insurers and work providers.

Fix Network has added 15 new Fix Auto and NOVUS Glass locations in the last six months. Majority of provinces have also designated collision, auto glass repair and mechanical services as essential services. Fix Network locations have been open for business throughout the pandemic, following strict safety protocols including physical distancing, enhanced cleaning and disinfection, as well as following all provincial and municipal guidance and bylaws.Plans for ProColor Collision growth throughout Canada, as well as other markets are expected to be announced soon, says the company.

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