Production management training to be held at icoat facility

A previous course held at the icoat training facility in Tecumseh, Ontario.

By Dylan O’Hagan

Tecumseh, Ontario — March 9,2016 — The collision repair industry is always changing and key performance indicators (KPIs) and production management are becoming even more important when it comes to maintaining profitability and efficiency in body shops. That is why the Southern Ontario company icoat is offering specialized training in performance management for collision repair facilities. The training session runs April 19 and 20.

According to a statement from icoat, in today’s competitive market insurance companies look to KPIs like cycle time and touch time as a way to measure the efficiency of a collision repair facility. The goal of icoat training is to help speed up processes and make collision repair more profitable.

Charlie Bathurst, Business Solutions Manager for icoat, helps organize the training sessions. He says this training course is all about how to get a vehicle through the shop fast and efficiently.

“The focus of this session is how to get vehicle through the shop quickly and profitably, so there’s a big focus on touch time and cycle time,” says Bathurst. The course follows the steps of an accident damaged vehicle, starting with when it reaches the production stream at the autobody repair centre.

The course follows the vehicle through the repair process from start to finish and teaches procedures designed to simplify the repair process. The training session also focuses on how to get a vehicle in the shop repaired and out of the shop as quickly and efficiently as possible. According to icoat, the training works to increase the profitability and execution of collision repairs while taking out any wasted time in the process.

Bathurst says the course has other benefits as well. The program has been added to the Canadian Industry Training Alliance Program and is worth 3.5 I-CAR credits. The classes are also very personal, with a maximum class size of just 40 people.

Senior management positions would be a perfect fit for this course, according to Bathurst, with the material focusing on how to get the most out of your shop. Bathurst says other positions that would be a good fit include shop owners, key customer service positions, estimators, production management personnel and lead technicians.

The training takes place at the icoat training facility in Tecumseh, Ontario and costs $900. Registration forms are available at icoat.ca.


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