Plastic Perfection: Polyvance reminds users of proper temp. control for plastic welding

Toronto, Ontario — Polyvance is reminding the repairers out there that “hotter is not always better” when it comes to plastic welding, as shown in a recent demonstration video from the company.

The video explains that even with the proper nitrogen welder and the right plastic weld rods, too high of a temperature could weaken the material and compromise the integrity of the entire weld.

It was shown how two PVC welds, identical in every way but temperature, reacted to heat from a nitrogen welder.

The PVC welded at the higher temperature ended up scorched and resulted in a weaker overall weld, while the weld done at the recommended temperature stood up well to post-weld testing.

Technicians ought to take care to consult Polyvance’s list of suggested temperature settings when carrying out plastic welds, the video urges, as there is significant variance in the heat tolerance of various thermoplastics, like nylon and PVC for example.


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