Pay it forward: GM Canada to invest $1.8 million in STEM

CTC Markham – Canada's newest and largest automotive software hubMinister of Innovation Navdeep Singh Bains and CTC Markham – Canada's newest and largest automotive software hub.

By CRM Staff

Markham, Ontario — January 23, 2018 — General Motors (GM) Canada has announced it will invest $1.8 million into a fund supporting science technology engineering and math (STEM) educational programs.

The announcement, made at the grand opening of CTC Markham, indicated that the funds would be directed at future innovators looking to study software development for in-car safety systems and autonomous vehicle navigation. 

The STEM Fund will also go towards initiatives designed to interest school children in maths and science, particularly girls. It is a decision welcomed by the Government of Canada, which has been calling for corporations to help lower the barriers facing women and girls interested in careers in the sciences.

“GM’s commitment to diversity in innovation by expanding their STEM program for young Canadian women will inspire the next generation of astronauts, engineers, doctors and even video game developers,” said Minister of Innovation Navdeep Singh Bains, “Proof once more that Canada is truly leading when it comes to the ‘car of the future’.”

At the post-secondary level, it will focus on providing scholarships for students at leading universities, including the University of Waterloo, which will be provided with $200,000 of scholarship funding.

Expected to be Canada’s largest vehicle-oriented software learning centre, CTC Markham will have more than 700 staff.

For more information on GM, please visit gm.ca/gm/.


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