Dry those reds with infrareds: B-TEC claims new product dries paint more quickly

B-TEC systems infrared light system cures urethane paint more quickly than convection cycle curing, according to the company.

Toronto, Ontario — January 23, 2018 — For paint shops looking to cure their cars without causing harm to the planet, B-TEC systems offers a new infrared-based drying tool designed to shorten curing times.

Infrared curing equipment has become more and more common over the last few years, with the invisible rays speeding the chemical reactions between paint chemicals and oxygen more quickly than using a convection oven.

B-TEC hopes the system will be embraced by paint shops struggling to manage their work volume. By allowing vehicles to dry outside shop paint stations, crew members may be able to push through more cars each day.

Marketing manager Peter Phillipson points to another selling point of the technology – that it is far greener than traditional convection methods. While convection cycles use about as much power as an SUV on the highway, infrared lights use a minimal amount of electricity.


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