Paint Perfection: Mazda unveils Artisan Red Premium paint, fourth of Takuminuri line

Toronto, Ontario — Those out there who consider themselves automotive artists have a new paint shade just for them, as Mazda unveiled the new Artisan Red Premium paint shade on Tuesday; the fourth of the company’s advanced Takuminuri paint line.

Takuminuri, which translates as “Artisan colouring,” is Mazda’s painting technology that reproduces a precise, high-quality paint finish as if applied by the hands of a skilled craftsman along the automobile mass production line, according to the company.

This new Artisan Red Premium shade follows up Rhodium White, the company’s third Takuminuri paint, first unveiled in June.

“The concept underlying design was to create the red found in a mature wine made with unsurpassed craftsmanship,” according to Mazda’s press release.

“Artisan Red Premium accentuates the strength and beauty of form that takes shape as highlights hit by light portray a fine-grained transparent red shining brightly and dominant shade produces a profound depth and richness, rendering high contrast.”

The paint consists of a clear layer, translucent paint layer and a reflective/absorptive layer. Mazda says a high-chroma pigment that is perceived as “the reddest red” is used in the translucent layer, while the reflective/absorptive layer uses a technology that more smoothly aligns aluminum flakes at regular intervals.

The company says “Mazda will continue to pursue new colour expressions and painting technologies to enhance the attractiveness of our products, aiming to be a company that shares a special bond with its customers.”


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  1. Excellent having these flash new colours, BUT how does a smash repair shop replicate this colour with ease and to attempt and do this in a small amount of labour time and Insurance companies in some countries will not allow the extra money to do this job. These cars will be turned away and not be fixed in some countries because of this. Open your eyes to what can be fixed manufacturers, you may find no one will work on your cars!!
    Something to think about

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