Paint Me Like One of Your Japanese Cars: Mazda unveils third hue using TAKUMINURI paint process

Toronto, Ontario — Mazda has unveiled a third colour using its innovative TAKUMINURI painting process.

The new colour, named Rhodium White, joins Mazda’s previously released Soul Red Crystal and Machine Gray Premium as the third hue in the OEM’s signature line using the TAKUMINURI technology.

The words Takumi and Nuri roughly translate to “paint by master craftsmen” in Japanese, and it is just this essence and inspiration for beauty that Mazda incorporates into their line of colours using this original technology.

The technology itself uses data from skilled real-life painters obtained through a simulation painting process. This in turn improves the robotic painting process, emphasized especially in TAKUMINURI’s distribution of coating thickness, allowing for the universal application of colour amongst Mazda’s line of vehicles.

As Mazda explains, the”…three-layer paint process uses the changing light to create a sense of movement, even at standstill.”

This particular colour, Rhodium White, is said to be inspired by Japanese Aesthetics, particularly in its emphasis on simplicity and absence. “Less is more”, as they say, and Mazda aims to bring out the simple beauty in their latest colour release.

Be sure to look out for this new colour releasing this fall as part of the all-new hybrid CX-60 SUV line.


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