Old Car, New Style: Carbon fibre 1970 Dodge Chargers for sale through Mopar

Toronto, Ontario — Since Dodge announced that it was closing the chapter on its current generation of Chargers and Challengers, customs shops and restorers have gone wild designing tribute models of the iconic muscle cars; including a customs shop out of Oklahoma that has created a welders worst nightmare.

Finale Speed of Yukon, Okla. has created an option for the classic car enthusiasts out there who feel they’re missing a 1970 Dodge Charger from their collection—the shop has fully recreated the body of the iconic Charger exactly to the original specifications, and entirely out of carbon fibre.

For US$199,000, you can have an ultra-lightweight, supercharged replica all to your own, thanks to official licensing from Mopar.

The autoclave-cured carbon-fibre bodies are built with a standard flat black finish to allow customers to customize their own Charger, with the option to have their new ride clear-coated prior to delivery for US$20,000. Forgeline wheels and tires are also available for US$12,500.

The shop will also be selling individual carbon fibre components of its 1970 Charger build, like hoods and trunks, for those who want to give their classic a touch of modern flair.

Finale Speed says it is looking to expand its lineup of lightweight muscle classics, with plans for Plymouth Barracuda and Road Runner builds in the future.

What do the technicians out there think of this version of the Charger? Have you ever dealt with that much carbon fibre at once? Let’s hear from you in the comments below.


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