New AMD-035 Membrane Dryer from Walmec North America


Mazeppa, Minnesota — August 18, 2014 — Walmec North America has announced the WNA AMD-035 Membrane Dryer, offering 4-stage pre-filtration. It has a flow rating of 35 SCFM and maximum working pressures of 150 PSI.

The first and second stage filters remove moisture, liquids, dust, rust, scale, and other contaminants to 5 microns. An automatic float drain under the second stage filter opens and expels all collected liquids whenever an ounce or more is present. It is fully automatic with no continuous air loss. The third and fourth stages remove any remaining particles down to .01 microns as well as absorbing any remaining moisture or oil vapors. The Membrane Dryer lowers the humidity level by venting it harmlessly into the surrounding atmosphere. A flexible input hose assembly eliminates the hazards of damage from vibrations in piped compressed air systems and allows the Membrane Dryer itself to be installed in any position.

The 4-stage pre-filtration includes differential pressure gauges and comes complete with mounting brackets. The differential pressure gauges provide a visual indication of required maintenance which is done by installing the appropriate service kits. Walmec says there is no need to remove the unit from the compressed air system.

For more information on the AMD-035 Membrane Dryer, please visit walmecna.com.



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