Moving Scrap Metal: Alberta’s new and incoming metal theft regulations

Edmonton, Alberta ⁠— Metal recyclers in Alberta may want to brush up on their metal theft regulations⁠—the province has implemented new rules as of Sept. 1, with the second portion of regulations coming into effect on Nov. 1, 2020.

The Sept. 1 regulations state that sellers of metal and metal materials are required to provide government-issued photo ID. Dealers are also now required to record the seller’s ID information and details of the transaction, including the individual’s first and last name; their current address; the unique ID number on the government-issued ID provided by the individual; the name of the person’s business, if applicable; the date and time the scrap metal was acquired; a brief description of the scrap metal along with its weight and any other details of any vehicle in which the scrap metal was delivered. 

The Nov. 1 regulations will require dealers to report restricted metal and metal materials transactions to law enforcement, while all payments after this date will need to be made using traceable forms of currency. Cash payments will no longer be an option.

For more details on the new regulations for metal recyclers, click here.

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