Makes the Dream Work: Guild 21 to tackle team management and burnout at webinar

Toronto, Ontario — Guild 21 has another webinar around the bend, this time tackling the topic of how to get the best use out of the one tool that every shop owner has—a team.

 “Optimizing Your Best Asset – Your Team”, is currently on the docket for Thursday at 2 p.m. EST, live on Zoom and run by the usual team at VeriFacts Automotive, while also featuring Jill Meeuwsen, CEO of Synergy-Peak Performance Thru People, a staff consulting firm.

“Companies today face a multitude of challenges with ever-changing requirements to do more with less, get and stay in front of the competition and build the bottom-line,” said Meeuwsen in Guild 21’s press release. 

“Managers and leaders serve from an overburdened stage of burnout, with little if any work-life balance. That dissipates through the ranks.”

Meeuwsen’s 60-minute presentation is expected to cover aspects of what she refers to as “organic training and promotion”, productivity, managing teams at multiple shops, as well as the causes of employee burnout.

Registration for Thursday’s Guild 21 webinar can be found here.


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