Wanna Race: P.A.C.E.R. Program unveils retrofitted Dodge Dart drag racer at PaintSource

Toronto, Ontario – Toronto’s PaintSource Automotive celebrated the relaunch of the Police and Community Educating Racers (P.A.C.E.R.) Program last Sunday, where companies and local organizations gathered for a barbeque and the unveiling of a police-themed drag racing car.

According to Mathew John, co-owner of Paint Source, the program aims to educate the next generation of drivers about the dangers of illegal street racing, after the initial launch in 2002.

“The unveiling is definitely the highlight, we had a barbeque and various companies joined us. It was such a great event!” said John.

Among these companies were BASF, 3M, and community organizations like Tropicana Community Services, which sponsors underprivileged kids working for a future in the autobody trade.

Why now? Over the last two years, organized street racing on highways began shifting to drag racing with varying legality – sometimes in purpose-built structures for legal racing of all kinds, sometimes racing during the wee hours of a city.

“We have a new era of drivers who are not familiar with the program and its time (in 2002),” he said, citing 400 charges being laid across the last four months alone.

After surviving a street racing accident 20 years ago, John made it his mission to educate the public about the dangers of illegal street racing, and advocate for safe, legally sanctioned street races in Toronto, a better alternative to courses several hours away or illegal racing.


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