Nighttime Nibbles: Rats wreak havoc on vehicle wiring in Victoria, B.C.

Victoria, British Columbia – Pizza, cheese and car wire covers–unfortunately for the average driver, all three make tasty snacks for rats.

According to the automotive research company, Kelly Blue Book, the pandemic may have prompted a change in rat behaviour or a boom in rat populations. Either way, it resulted in auto body shops seeing an increase in customers facing rodent-related issues.

While the Kelly Blue Book cites New York, Los Angeles and Chicago as examples of major cities facing more rodent-caused problems, it appears that Canadian cities such as Victoria, B.C. face similar challenges according to a report by CHEK News.

Multiple reports suggest this may stem from the majority of car wiring insulation being made from soy-based materials. For automakers, this created a cheaper, more environmentally friendly substitute. For rodents, this made your car engine a tasty treat.

While class-action lawsuits have been initiated against companies like Toyota and Honda, here are some ways to protect your cars from rodent damage until a long-term solution is found.

  • Use rodent deterrents on exposed wires – peppermint oil is one example.
  • Keep your hood up, exposure to the elements turns a warm, dry nest into a humid or freezing one.
  • Move cars regularly, stationary cars make tempting nests the longer they sit.

Have you ever dealt with rat-related problems in your bodyshop? Have customers come in with nibbled-on wires? Tell us your stories in the comments below! 


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