LORD partners with Hendrick Motorsports to develop new training video

Cary, North Carolina–October, 28, 2013–LORD Corporation, maker of Fusor Automotive Repair Adhesives, has partnered with 10-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Hendrick Motorsports to develop a new training video.

Hendrick Motorsports, a long-time partner and user of Fusor Automotive Repair Adhesives, was a key player in making the new training videos. The videos intend to showcase applications and the ease of use of Fusor products. The video features interviews with several Hendrick Motorsports technicians that use LORD Fusor products both in the body shop and on the racetrack. Technicians quote the Fusor products as “fast drying,” “efficient” and “user-friendly.”

According to George Nelson, Body & Paint Specialist at Hendrick Motorsports, Fusor products are used to make minor repairs on the track.

“On tracks such as Daytona, the condition on the nose of the vehicle is important. We can use Fusor products to fill in holes quickly and efficiently during pit stops,” he says.

Body shops can now experience the same cycle time reductions experienced by the Hendrick Motorsports team. LORD Fusor products include a full line of easy-to-use adhesives that significantly reduce touch time. As commercial vehicles continue to advance using high-strength steels and composites for lightweighting, the collision repair industry will be able to benefit from the procedures, like rivet bonding, that the Hendrick Motorsports teams have already demonstrated out on the track.

Hendrick Motorsports first began using LORD Corporation’s Fusor line of metal and composite bonding solutions for auto repair in 2002. A proven solution for bonding or repairing composites, plastics and metal, the use of LORD Fusor adhesives also has expanded to assembly of the race car and other unique situations because tight tolerances, quality and high performance are critical in racing.

LORD partnered with Hendrick Motorsports to highlight the many ways Fusor Repair Systems have benefited their race teams not only in assembly of the cars but also out on the track on race day.

“Fusor products’ proven high-performance, quick cycle time and reliability have led Hendrick Motorsports to rely on Fusor adhesives as its go-to adhesive line. Body shops also need high performing, reliable products that reduce their cycle times allowing them to process vehicles without come-backs,” says Julie Miller, Global Marketing Manager, LORD Corporation.

“The open collaboration with the technical experts at LORD and Hendrick Motorsports has proved mutually beneficial,” says Patrick Perkins, vice president of marketing for Hendrick Motorsports. “As the adhesive company continues to learn about types of new products to develop, the race team finds ways to win more races using high-tech adhesives.”

For more information on the company, please visit Lord.com, or watch the new video in the player below. 


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