Leap Expands into New England, Launches Grid Services Offerings to Drive the Growth of Distributed Energy Resources in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

New grid revenue opportunities for New England technology providers through Leap’s energy market access platform

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leap, the leading platform for energy market access, today announced its launch into ISO New England (ISO-NE) to connect its technology partners to new revenue streams in New England. Through this expansion, distributed energy resources (DERs) located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island will be able to leverage the Leap platform to easily participate in grid services programs that compensate resources for lowering their energy usage or exporting energy back to the grid.

Leap’s New England launch includes innovative new offerings and opportunities that help DER providers deliver more value to New England customers by participating in multiple grid revenue streams in the region. Leap is facilitating the participation of the first DERs in the Massachusetts Clean Peak Energy Standard (MA CPS) program, introducing a unique opportunity for its partners to enhance the value of their energy assets while advancing Massachusetts’ clean energy goals. Through its partners, Leap will bring new value to tens of thousands of electric vehicle, energy storage, and smart building customers in New England.

The programs also introduce simplified pathways for customer participation. Leap’s New England offerings enable partners to activate eligible customer meters using device-level data, reducing the customer activation burden and solving a major participation barrier.

“Leap is well-positioned to deploy compelling grid services value stacks for our partners in New England,” said Andrew Hoffman, Chief Development Officer at Leap. “We’re excited to build on the momentum we’ve seen in other markets to help our partners access new revenue streams, create differentiated product offerings for their customers and scale up their support to the grid.”

Partners joining Leap’s launch in New England include Optiwatt, a provider of free software to manage electric vehicle (EV) charging and other DERs, GridPoint, an energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings, EnergyHub, a leading provider of grid-edge distributed energy resource management software (DERMS) and Nuvve, a leader in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Nuvve is deploying a V2G project with a Rhode Island school district’s fleet of electric school buses and using Leap’s platform to participate in grid services. This will enable Nuvve and the school district to capture new value by exporting the fleet’s stored battery power back to the grid during program events.

“Following a successful partnership with Leap in California, this expansion into the dynamic New England market represents another important step toward the planet’s transition to clean transportation and renewable energy,” said Nuvve CEO Gregory Poilasne. “Implementing V2G for electric school bus fleets not only supports the local grid and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but it also generates much-needed revenue for school districts.”

About Leap

Leap is the leading platform for generating new value from distributed energy resources (DERs) through integration with energy markets. Through its software-only solution, Leap facilitates fast, easy and automated access to high-value grid services revenue streams for the providers of batteries, electric vehicle charging, smart thermostats, HVAC systems and other flexible assets. By aggregating the DERs enrolled on its platform, Leap supplies virtual power plants (VPPs) to balance the grid. Leap enables its partners and their customers to unlock new value streams and help create a more flexible, resilient grid powered by renewable resources.


Caroline Thompson

Marketing Manager



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