It’s a Jeep Thing: Jeep could offer Gorilla Glass windshield

Toledo, Ohio — The popular off-road, mud-slinging could potentially be getting even more durable.

Citing connections with the brand’s dealer body, Mopar Insiders reported that the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator may soon have the option of a Gorilla Glass windshield.

Gorilla Glass became popular when smartphones began to utilize it’s crack and shatterproof technology on their glass screens. This ultra-strong glass, made by Corning, sandwiches a transparent piece of glass with thin-ply material that can increase its strength by several factors.

Jeep’s take on the product could include an interior ply on the windshield with an outer ply about 50-per-cent thicker. This would provide greater resistance to stones, tree branches and anything else a Jeep owner’s windshield might come across on the back roads.

It’s suggested this option will be available on Wranglers and Gladiators this summer.

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