I-CAR bringing in-demand training to NACE

I-CAR bringing in-demand training to NACE

By Jeff Sanford

Hoffman Estates, Illinois — July 2, 2015

As NACE draws near, the excitement continues to mount. Tweaking the interest of attendees, I-CAR has just released the line-up for its annual Inter-Industry Conference.

This year’s NACE event is, appropriately, in the motor city, taking place at the downtown Cobo Center from July 21 to 25. The I-CAR Inter-Industry Conference will have a large presence at the Expo.

I-CAR is dedicated to increasing education and knowledge in the collision repair industry, and this year’s conference offering perfectly fits that mandate.

Some of this year’s highlights: Daily presentations from thought leaders at OEMs like BMW, FIAT, Chrystler, Ford, GM and Toyota. Displays of the new Ford F-150, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, The GM Colorado/Canyon, and the BMW i8, as well as daily live demos on aluminum welding, carbon fibre, rivet bonding and joining high-strength steels.

Kicking off the Expo on Thursday is an in-depth presentation by I-CAR CEO and President John Van Alstyne who will appear along with Frank Laviola, Vice President of Collision Industry Relations for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The pair will explain how data proves training improves shop performance, lowers risk, and enhances profitability and customer loyalty.

“We’re excited to have an exceptional presence at NACE | CARS again this year, working closely with ASA to deliver an outstanding lineup of OEM and industry leader presentations, along with demonstrations on the latest techniques and materials used daily in performing safe and quality collision repairs,” says Van Alstyne. “Our footprint in Detroit will allow us to continue bringing education and knowledge to our core audiences, as well as share the proof behind the ROI of training, which I am excited to present and kick off the Expo on the I-CAR Main Stage.”

Other main stage presentations on Thursday, July 23 include Gerry Bonnani, Senior Engineer, Paint and Body Repair from Ford Motor Company, highlighting “2015 F-150 Repair Information”; Greg Profeta from BMW sharing “Efficient Light-weight Carbon Fiber in Body Design and Repair”; and Joseph DiDonato, Eric Mendoza, Dan Hodges and James Meyer from Toyota on “Repair Planning the Toyota Way.”

Friday will feature a presentation, “How to Drive Bottom Line Improvements with Production Management,” and an industry panel discussion on collision repair diagnostics. Panel participants include: Dustin Harrier, Director of Quality Assurance Western US, Service King Collision Repair Centers; Chuck Olson, Director of Diagnostics and Technical Support, Collision Diagnostic Services (CDS); Jake Rodenroth, Corporate Operations Manager at ABRA Auto Body & Glass, and Dennis Williamson, VCS Product Development Manager, Snap-On Diagnostics. Following the panel, John Hughes, Collision Repair Specialist from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, will share insights on carbon fibre usage and structural repair.

Jason Bartanen, Director of Industry Technical Relations for I-CAR, kicks off Saturday’s session with “Volkswagen Collision Repair” as well as “Vehicle Technology Trends & Collision Repair Considerations.” I-CAR’s Industry Technical Support Manager Steve Marks will instruct on: “Aluminum MIG Welding – Tuning Techniques and Machine Settings,” “Understanding Carbon Fiber Design and Repair Techniques,” “Riveting and Rivet-Bonding: What You Need to Know,” and “Joining Advanced High-Strength Steels: MIG Welding, MIG Brazing, and Spot-Welding.” The carbon fibre and rivet bonding demos will be presented twice during the Expo to provide additional exposure to these two high-demand topics.

I-CAR is also offering seven classes that will help prepare technicians for new advancements in design and repair techniques. All classes are part of the Professional Development Program and count toward renewing Gold Class in specific roles. Please click here for a full schedule of I-CAR events at NACE.


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