Holiday Plans: Drivers opting for shorter, more frequent road trips, Hankook survey says

Toronto, Ontario — A new survey from Hankook Tire shows that drivers are trying to stretch their gas money as far as it will go, reporting that people are commuting less, but embarking on far more road trips than before.

The company surveyed U.S. drivers ahead of the holidays to gauge how their driving habits have changed as gas prices have spiked.

A large proportion of drivers (67 percent) said that rising gas prices have had a moderate to major impact on their daily driving habits, despite 57 percent still planning to travel this holiday season.

As well, the pandemic has more people opting for road trips over flights for health purposes, as 61 percent of respondents said they plan on driving to their holiday obligations, up 36 percent year-over-year, as opposed to the 22 percent who plan to fly.

Trip lengths appear to be minimized this year, as 66 percent of drivers said they don’t plan to leave until one or two days before Christmas.


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