Hero for Hire: Diver offers to recover vehicles lost from capsized container ship

Azores, Portugal — There are few moments in life where you get to feel like the 80s action hero who is being called in for one last mission—no one has the skills and precision that you do—but instead everyone calls you stupid and thinks you’re trying to scam them. It’s tough being a hero.

As thousands of luxury cars sink to their watery graves following the sinking of a container ship 100 km off the coast of the Azores, an enterprising diver reached out to Matt Farah, host of “The Smoking Tire” on Youtube, with plans for a rescue mission—along with his fees, naturally.

In an email sent to and screenshotted by the online auto influencer, the “diver” (who was granted anonymity by Farah to “protect the unbelievably stupid”) laid out his plan to recover the ship’s lost cargo, mainly expensive luxury vehicles from Porsche, Volkswagen and Lamborghini, alongside 11 fellow divers.

The cost for the noble work of those brave deep-sea adventurers? About $20,000 per day for the five days they expect the recovery to take; $10,000 of which they expect to be provided upfront.

The very concerned diver even attempted to level with Farah’s emotions, who was actually affected by the ship’s sinking as his back-ordered Porsche Boxster Spyder was lost in the incident, saying in their email “Matt this is the last call…Cars in the ocean (with salt and therefore soon rust)…We either act now or…”

They said that they aren’t even looking for fame! How generous.


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