Carbon Closure: No fossil-fueled vehicles built at GM Ingersoll after April

Ingersoll, Ontario – The last Chevy Equinox is scheduled for completion on April 29, making it the last fossil-fuel-dependent vehicle to be assembled at Ingersoll’s CAMI Assembly Plant.

UNIFOR Local 88, the union representing workers at GM CAMI Assembly says this is a milestone for the hundreds of employees who worked at the plant for over 30 years.

“We’re actually on six days a week right now, trying to build every last Equinox we can,” said Local 88 Chair Mike Van Boekel, adding the CAMI Plant will shut down to retool for Brightdrop electric vehicles until Oct. or Nov.

For workers at the plant, Van Boekel says the employees will keep their jobs but adds “it’s going to be tough, especially on young families if they’re both working in there.”


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