Gone Rogue: Nissan issues recall for more than 100,000 Rogues for wiring issue

Toronto, Ontario — Nissan’s most popular North American model has been dealt a blow, as the automaker has recalled more than 100,000 Rogue SUVs for a wiring issue that poses a fire risk to drivers.

The recall affects 104,464 Rogues from model years 2014 to 2016 and concerns a wiring connector near the driver’s feet that can be easily corroded. 

This can cause the power seat or windows to be disabled, the all-wheel-drive warning light may come on, or as reported in seven separate cases to Nissan, a fire could occur.

The automaker suggests owners who notice any of the above issues, or who see smoke or smell a burning odour, park their vehicles outdoors and have their Rogue towed to a dealership via Nissan Roadside Assistance.

Nissan says they expect to have a fix for the issue by spring.


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