Fresh Coat of Paint: Collision Clinic announces jingle contest winner

St. John’s, Newfoundland — What’s that song you’ve got stuck in your head? Oh, might it be CSN Collision Clinic’s newly revitalized jingle, featuring Newfoundland’s own Evelyn Jess.

CSN Collision Clinic ran a contest this summer to find the best rendition of the brand’s famous jingle, in exchange for an artist development grant from the company.

Drawing on a pool of fantastic musicians from a province known for its artistry, CSN Collision Clinic let the public decide who they thought brought the jingle back to life.

Evelyn Jess of Ragged Harbour, N.L. was announced as the winner last Tuesday via LinkedIn.

Jess said that she is “beyond excited and honored to receive such a wonderful prize”, and that she plans to put her winnings toward the release of her upcoming album, “Bare Bones”, due out this fall.

The contest was run in conjunction with MusicNL, an artist’s advocacy group that promotes music development in the province.

Listen to Evelyn Jess’ rendition of the CSN Collision Clinic jingle here.


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