No SEMA for SATA: SATA withdraws booth from SEMA 2021 amid COVID concerns

Las Vegas, Nevada — With showtime fast approaching, SEMA exhibitors are dropping like flies as SATA announced its withdrawal from the event on Monday.

Dan-Am, SATA’s U.S. distributor, stated that while the company “always looks forward to working with SATA to provide a great SEMA experience in its booth each year”, they feel compelled to back out of the event for the safety of their staff.

“After careful consideration, Dan-Am Company and SATA will not be exhibiting at SEMA 2021. Although this was not an easy decision to make, we needed to consider the rise in COVID-19 cases and our responsibility to protect the health of our staff, customers and business partners again this year,” read Dan-Am’s statement.

“We very much look forward to the next SEMA show, and we plan to be there in full force in 2022.”


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