Forney expands work glove line with ForneyHide


Fort Collins, Colorado — November 24, 2014 — Forney Industries has announced the launch of ForneyHide work gloves, expanding their line of protective wear to cater to the automotive, hardware, industrial, farm and ranch industries.“It made sense for us to expand the line,” says Todd Romero, Product Line Manager for ForneyHide. “Our customers wanted a wider selection of what we already manufactured. Now, we have gloves that cover all major categories, for every kind of work and hobby.”Romero said the company, which has been specializing in welding gloves for over 80 years, took the demands of its customers very seriously.“We completed more than two years of thorough research and development, both in the manufacturing and distribution of each variety of glove,” he says. “We developed manufacturing specifications that were so stringent that the average glove endured four iterations until the quality met Forney Industries’ standards.The prototypes were completed in 2012, and were then tested in select markets to confirm fit, utility and protection with its customers.“It wasn’t until that testing was complete that we knew the line was ready to deliver to our dealers, distributors and ultimately our customers,” Romero says.Forney Industries President Steve Anderson says that product quality has been the focus since his family started the company nearly a century ago.“It’s the Forney promise that the products we offer to our users are of the finest quality and not until they are ready for our customers do we release them to the market,” he says. “In addition, our customers know that our sales team is credible and honest and a product doesn’t leave our fulfillment centre until we know the order is filled correctly.”For more information on Forney, please visit Forneyind.com.


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