Featured Gallery: FinishMaster celebrates 1 year of success in Ottawa

Collision Repair magazine joined FinishMaster in celebrating its first year in Canada. Check out our photo gallery of the event below.

Ottawa, Ontario — December 5, 2017 — In the course of serving the industry, Collision Repair magazine attends a number of important events all over the country. As a source of information to the industry, we’re always glad to be able to report on the biggests events.

In this new series of photo galleries, we invite you to join us as we meet with the influencers and key industry stakeholders whose names and faces you’ll recognise from our pages. This week we take you to FinishMaster Ottawa’s anniversary event, which took place recently at the ‘Trois Brasseurs’ brewery in Ottawa. We also take you into the facility’s new building, which brings more space and opportunities to the Ottawa team. Read all about the celebration here and enjoy our photo gallery below!




{unitegallery finishmaster1year}


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