EV/AV Report: March 22, 2021

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, 31 new EV charging stations are on their way to the Winnipeg area, CAA has launched an awareness campaign about the benefits of EVs and a Canadian battery developer has unveiled the latest iteration of it’s smart charging system.

Powering the ‘Peg

A $155,000 investment deal between southern Manitoba municipalities and the federal government will see the installation of 31 new EV charging stations in the Greater Winnipeg area.

Eco-West Canada, a not-for-profit focused on greening the economy of rural municipalities, is co-ordinating planning and construction.

Eight stations will be placed in Winnipeg, four each in Stonewall and Niverville, and one or two chargers will be installed in the communities of Matlock, RM of Taché, Pinawa, St-Georges, Ile-des-Chênes, Grande Pointe, Ste. Agathe, St. Adolphe, and St. Pierre-Jolys.

All stations will be Level 2 chargers, or 240-volt outlets. It takes six to 14 hours to charge a car fully from empty.

Setting the Record Straight

A new awareness campaign from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is aiming to spread awareness to apprehensive Canadians about the benefits of battery-electric driving.

CAA says that part of the first steps in convincing Canadians to consider electric options, is dispelling the many myths that surround battery-powered vehicles.

“Electric vehicles can be complicated. We wanted to find a way to demystify them that doesn’t overwhelm people,” said Ian Jack, vice-president, public affairs at CAA National. 

“This campaign aims to put a real spotlight on the public education work CAA has already been doing on EVs for many years. Our goal is to provide unbiased information about electric vehicles so Canadians can make the best decision for them.”

The Next Best Thing

Vancouver’s Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. is excited to announce the launch of it’s brand new IoniX Pro EV Smart Charger Series (the “EV Smart Charger”).

The key features of the new charging system include AI integration that allows for real-time monitoring of battery maintenance as well as the ability to make use of Solar energy and store it for when the sun is not shining.

“Our brilliant design and engineering teams have done it again!” said Bryson Goodwin, president and CEO of EV Battery Tech. 

“The Company has once again taken one of the fastest growing products and introduced what we expect to be a version that is far superior to anything else on the market today.  We believe the EV Smart Charger will be one of best-selling products and we are very excited for this launch.”


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