Estify Pro officially launches at NACE Automechanika

A screenshot from Estify Pro, the new predictive collision repair planning tool that will launch this week at NACE Automechnika 2017.

Los Angeles, California — July 23, 2017 — Estify  launched Estify Pro, a predictive collision repair planning solution, at NACE Automechanika on July 26, 2017. Collision Repair magazine is the official Canadian Media Partner of NACE Automechanika 2017. Make sure to watch for continuing updates from this year’s event. 

Estify partnered directly with a number of OEMs to create a software platform that generates consistent OEM documentation for repairers and insurance carriers. Estify Pro thus helps to ensure that vehicles will consistently be returned to the safety standards intended in the original design. A statement from Estify says Pro integrates directly into the industry’s most common estimating platforms, ensuring there is no disruption of a repairer’s current workflow or communication with customers.

NACE attendees had the unique opportunity to demo the platform by visiting Estify at Booth or at the Mercedes-Benz Exhibit during the event.

“Vehicles on the road today are more like computers on wheels,” says Estify CEO Rochelle Thielen. “Until the age of autonomous vehicles, cars will continue to become more complex, and therefore achieving accuracy in the repair process is and will continue to be more difficult than ever before.”

According to Estify, Estify Pro offers a host of benefits including improved accuracy, decreased cycle times, increased productivity, and smoother onboarding of new employees while reducing liability, supplements, and the number of vehicles that return to a shop due to improper repairs.

“Estify is passionate about providing repairers and carriers with instant and integrated access to OEM repair data,” says Thielen. “We understand that repairers, carriers, and vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) are all committed to high-quality repairs that restore vehicles to pre-loss condition. However, with so many external pressures surrounding the repair process, manually referencing approved repair procedures is far too time-consuming. Studies have shown that less than 20 percent of vehicles have been repaired using current OEM repair procedures as a reference. We know we can save more lives and the hundreds of millions of dollars lost to inefficient repairs by getting in front of the repair, integrating directly into the current estimating workflow, and automatically providing all the documentation needed to properly restore the vehicle to pre-loss condition.”

Benito Cid is Collision Business Manager for Mercedes Benz US. He calls Estify Pro a “game changer.”

“Estify Pro is a great product, a real game changer for the industry. It gives the collision centres the ability to write an accurate, complete estimate following manufacturer repair procedures and requirements, in a fraction of the time it currently takes,” says Cid. “This product could have significant benefits to shop productivity, cycle times and even CSI. I look forward to what this product will do for the industry.”

Estify launched pilots with several OEMs at NACE Automechanika, and the company expects Estify Pro will be widely available by early 2018. For more information about Estify and its products, please visit


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