Editor’s Log: Open Ears

“A little controversy isn’t a bad thing,” a maritime repairer and friend-of-the-magazine told me at an industry event some time ago. “If you tell it like it is, we’ll have your back–just make sure you can back-up your position.”

It is good advice. While we aim to present the facts of the collision industry in as complete and unbiased a way as possible, we’re also eager to be a place where meaningful ideas can be presented to the industry. In fact, it was that advice that spurred on the creation of my own columns, which  –one open letter of complaint notwithstanding–  has been warmly received.

This magazine, however, is not for magazine editors. It is for the community of repairers. With each issue, our dedicated columnists and writers do their best to represent the spectrum of sincerely held opinions within this industry.

This is, of course, a Sisyphean goal, but one that I believe is worth pursuing. Sure, we could possibly run every thought-through opinion, but the more we serve as a place where interesting perspectives can be found, the better.

To that end, from our August issue onward, we will be running an open guest column in each issue of the magazine.

Is there a subject you feel we have not covered enough, or a controversial position you think has gone unrepresented in our columns? If you do, I want to know more.

As ever, feel free to write me at any time. I can be reached at Gideon@mediamatters.ca.

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