Double Parked: Ontario Hwy. 407 blocked by emergency plane landing

Markham, Ontario — Nothing gets commuters steamed faster than some joker holding things up in the left lane—but when that joker just up and parks their plane in the fast lane? Forget about it.

A small propeller plane taking off from Buttonville Airport in Markham, Ont. on Wednesday was forced to make an emergency landing after experiencing mechanical troubles.

The closest available landing strip? Ontario’s Highway 407.

Motorists took the opportunity to document the oddity as they passed by the parked aircraft near Woodbine Avenue.

York Regional Police confirmed that the plane, a Piper PA-28, belongs to the Toronto Caribbean Flying Club.

Three lanes of traffic were closed and emergency services were called, but luckily no injuries to the passengers nor damage to the plane were reported at the time.


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