Dealing in Digital: Ford the first OEM to offer digital license plates

Toronto, Ontario – Recently, Ford has entered into an agreement with Reviver to add the digital RPlate to its official accessory category.

The RPlate, a digital license plate, was initially introduced through a 2018 pilot program in California, but will now be available through a limited rollout at 300 Ford dealerships in Arizona, California and Michigan. The plates are now also legal in all 50 states as well as in Canada and Mexico. 

The plates, which can be purchased and installed for consumers at select Ford dealerships as well as through Ford’s online store, have a cost for American drivers of $599 with an annual service plan of $75 per year. 

Reviver highlights multiple benefits of owning a digital license plate such as potential customization features as well as a “Renewal” option that will allow drivers to automatically update the display of the year and month their registration is valid. 

Other potential features that may be developed in future through the plate’s app would include a built-in GPS function, real-time alerts when the vehicle is moved, mileage and tracking and stolen vehicle alerts.

Reviver further highlights that the digital plates will function up to -40 Celsius before experiencing technical difficulties with display features.

At the moment, RPlates are only available when rear-mounted. Districts that require front plates will still require traditional screw-in until further ratifications are made in future. 


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